Complete Hors D’Oeuvre Menu

– Skagen
– Skagen with golden caviar
– Grav lax
– Snow Crab Salad
– Crab and avocado
– Smoke salmon
– Smoked caviar
– Smoked duck and goat cheese
– Shrimp with horseradish garnish
– Shrimp with wasabi caviar
– Foie gras with black truffle garnish
– Duck liver with black truffle pâté and pumpernickel

– Skagen
– Lobster and mango
– Crab and avocado

Potato Pancakes
– with Skagen golden caviar
– with creamed snow crab
– with sevruga caviar
– with crème fraîche and golden caviar
– with smoke salmon and sour cream
– with chive sour cream

Petite filet
– with red wine demi glace
– with béarnaise
– cured with horseradish sauce

Cucumber cups
– with spicy tuna tartar
– with spicy salmon tartar
– with Hawaiian style tuna poki with lotus root garnish
– with Hawaiian style salmon poki with lotus root garnish
– filled with Asian style tuna tartar
– filled with Polynesian style tuna tartar
– filled with salmon tartar
– filled with Asian style salmon tartar
– filled with Polynesian style salmon tartar

Stuffed Baby Artichokes 
– with lamb and yogurt sauce
– with beluga lentils and goat cheese
– with scallops ceviche
– with crab filling
– with lobster and mango salsa

Stuffed Tomatoes
– vegetarian with bulgur and mint garnish
– baked with basmati rice, lentils, mint and raisins
– baked with kale and butternut squash
– with avocado crème
– with avocado and egg salad

– with lobster-mango salsa

Spring roll
– Ahi Tuna
– Lobster
– Vietnamese
– Smoked tofu

Deviled Eggs
– spicy asian style
– with horseradish garnish
– with baked brie
– Odin’s Deviled Eggs

Stuffed Fingerling Potato
– with pulled pork
– with creamed broccoli and cheddar
– with golden caviar
– with baked crab
– with Sevruga caviar
– with Oscietre caviar garnish
– with whipped crème fraîse and salmon roe garnish

Russian Style Blinis
– with crème fraîche, golden caviar and chive
– with crème fraîche and smoked salmon
– with sour cream and Beluga caviar

The Mini Quiche
– Lorraine
– Florentine
– Provencal
– Vegetarian
– with smoked salmon and asparagus
– with smoked duck
– with forest mushroom and tarragon
– with Prosciutto di Parma and goat cheese
– with grilled vegetables and pesto
– with wild mushrooms and duck Confit
– with leeks and snow crab
– with aged salami, mixed olives and cheeses
– with curried chicken
– with choice of filling

Chicken Satay
– with peanut sauce and cucumber relish

Chicken Skewers
– with jerk sauce
– with teriyaki glace
– with pineapple teriyaki glace
– with orange infused teriyaki glace
– with orange marmalade and panko

Sesame Shrimp Skewer
– with orange sesame teriyaki
–  panko crusted with honey mango glaze 
– with tiger sauce

Petite Filet Skewers
– jerk sauce
– teriyaki glace
– pineapple teriyaki glace
– with orange infused teriyaki glace

Pan Fried Crab Cakes
– with tartar sauce
– with Rhode island sauce
– with thousand island sauce
– with Cajun style spicy sauce rémoulade

Pan Fried Shellfish Cakes
– with curry rémoulade
– with whipped horseradish cream
– with tartar sauce
– with Rhode island sauce
– with thousand island sauce
– with terragon infused Beurre blanc

Pan Fried Crawfish Cakes
– with chipotle lime rémoulade
– with dill chive rémoulade
– with Cajun style spicy sauce rémoulade
– with tartar sauce
– with Rhode island sauce
– with thousand island sauce

Pan Fried Lobster Cakes
– with Gruyère
– with camembert
– with sauce hollandaise
– with smoked caviar and chive rémoulade

Mini Polenta
– with gorgonzola and fried leaks
– with spinach and goat cheese
– with Proscuitto di Parma and goat cheese
– with camembert, pine nuts and caramelized onion

– stuffed phyllo smoked suck and caramelized figs = cigars
– filled with lamb and fresh mint = triangles
– filled with lentils and yoghurt =  triangles
– filled with mixed cheeses = triangles
– filled with mushroom and pine nut tapenade  = triangles
– filled with artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes and Parmesan = cups

Puff Pastry
– filled with brie cheese
– filled with shredded pork
– filled with shredded chicken
– filled with gorgonzola and smoked ham
– filled with mushroom and cheddar cheese
– filled with Proscuitto di Parma and camembert


Lobster and Scallop Filled Wonton

Bite Sized Spanakopita

Stuffed Puff Pastry

Mini Crab Fu Young


Vegetable Crudités
– with ranch dip
– with bbq ranch dip
– with chipotle ranch dip
– with wasabi ranch dip
– with blue cheese dip
– with Gorgonzola dip
– with cheddar dip
– with spinach dip
– with artichoke dip
– with spinach and artichoke dip
– with smoked artichoke dip
– with artichoke pepper dip
– with artichoke aubergin dip
– with smoked eggplant dip
– with eggplant caviar
– with spicy eggplant and pepper dip
– with sauce verte
– with crab dip
– with sauce aioli
– with herb aioli
– with roasted pepper aioli
– with basil aioli
– with saffron aioli
– with roasted garlic aioli
– with onion dip

Grilled Vegetable
– with roasted pepper dip
– with lentil dip
– with black bean dip
– with hummus
– with roasted garlic hummus
– with roasted pepper hummus
– with baba ghannuj dip
– with aioli dip
– with roasted pepper aioli
– with saffron aioli
– with roasted garlic aioli
– with herb aioli

Vegetable Tureen

Grilled Vegetable Tureen

Trifecta Platter
– includes any three appetizer-combos

Seafood Platter
– Sushi
– Herring
– Grav Lax
– Grav Lax platter with the Classic Mustard Dill Sauce
– Swedish Style Craw Fish
– Cajun Style Craw Fish
– Greenland Shrimp
– Poached Colossal Shrimp on ice
– Poached Crab Claws on ice
– Salmon Tureen

Other Platters
– Assorted Cold Cuts
– Assorted Ripe and Aged Cheeses
– Assorted Smoked and Cured Meats and Sausages

Stuffed Mushrooms
– with snow crab and chive
– with crab cole slaw
– with artichoke tapanade
– with roasted garlic and gouda cheese
– with Proscuitto di Parma and goat cheese

– Rockafeller
– with chipotle and lime
– with wasabi caviar
– with mango salsa


– chicken served on Belgian endive
– potato
– marinated green olives
– marinated black olives
– marinated chili’s
– marinated artichokes
– marinated anchovies
– marinated mushrooms
– mixed bean
– octopus

– Chorizo and olives
– tuna and egg
– grilled vegetables
– scallop and shrimp

Shrimp cocktail
– grilled
– garlic

– with potatoes
– with pimentos
– with chorizo
– with shrimp
– with zucchini
– with mushrooms

– seafood
– vegetables
– potato and ham
– smoked chicken and Serrano ham

Batter fried vegetables
– fried zucchini
– fried squash
– fried eggplant
– fried peppers
– lamb brochettes with rosemary


Proscuitto di Parma with melon

Fried Polenta with roasted pepper and tomato sauce

Fried zucchini and tomato sauce

Fried mozzarella with tomato sauce

Proscuitto di Parma with fresh figs

Shrimp with parsley and lemon

La Tonnata di Melanzane

Black olives with garlic

Green olives with fennel

Parmesan wafers


– with tomato and basil
– with roasted tomatoes and peppers
– with Proscuitto di Parma and olive tapenade
– with smoked duck and caramelized onion
– with grilled vegetables and artichoke tapenade

– with grilled vegetables
– with mixed peppers
– with proscuitto di Parma and gorgonzola
– with potato, caramelized onion and gorgonzola

Dim Sum

Traditional mini spring rolls

– flower
– spinach and ginger
– snowpea
– shanghai

Money bags
– Salmon
– Pork
– Shrimp
– Crab
– Wok fried

Pot stickers
– with pork
– with chicken
– with mushrooms and leaks

– steamed pork
– lotus
– stemed chicken
– red bean paste
– vegetables

– peking duck pancakes
– crispy shrimp
– lotus leaf
– shrimp pancake rolls

Siu Mai
– shrimp
– crab
– pork
– chicken


Fried zucchini sticks
Fried mozzarella sticks
Fried Mac and cheese
Fried mac and cheese with bacon
Buffalo wings
Hot wings
BBQ wings
Pepper wings
Mini Pizzas (choice of toppings)
Sourdough bread pizza bites
Pita pizza bites
Mini BBQ pizza
Mini Fried Pizza bites (chef’s choice)

choice of beef, wagyu, turkey, chicken, buffalo, wild boar, salmon, vegetarian or portobellos (ask us about toppings)

Mini tacos:
choice of carne asada, carnitas, el pollo, shrimp and mahi mahi, pulled pork, pulled BBQ brisket (ask us about toppings)

Quesadilla points:
choice of cheese, grilled chicken, snow crab salsa and duck confit (ask us about toppings)

To request a quote or for even more options please feel free to contact us