Corporate & Location Catering

Our corporate and location menus are designed to provide all the necessities for a complete and balanced meal. Menus include choice of side salad or soup, a meat or fish main dish as well as a vegetarian/vegan main dish, two hot or cold side dishes, beverage and dessert. We also provide disposable utensils, plates and napkins. All our menus are based on a minimum order of 20 persons starting at $11.95 each; for 50 persons or more starting at $10.99 per person. We also offer complete breakfast menus with a wide selection to choose from as well as craft services. Not to mention our competent, knowledgeable service personal who are always ready to be of assistance in any way they can for your convenience! To request a quote or to review our full menu please follow the corresponding links

As always we look forward to fulfilling all your catering needs!

Upon request any and all garnishes will be presented on the side.

Special orders are welcome.

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