Swedish Chicken Curry Salad

A bed of green leaf lettuce topped with grilled chicken, tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet red bell peppers, corn and raisins  served with a creamy curry dressing


A bed of mixed baby greens topped with lobster, crab, shrimp, muscles, scallops, white asparagus, mushrooms, peas, tomatoes, scallions and lemon wedge accompanied by a sweet chili and horseradish dressing

Skagen (Scandinavian style shrimp salad)

Prepared with cold water shrimp, fresh dill and lemon (sold by volume)


Swedish style potato salad prepared with baby red potatoes, shallots and capers in a creamy dressing

Ärtsoppa med Pannkakor

Swedish yellow pea soup served with Swedish pancakes, topped with fresh whipped cream and caramelized strawberries


Scandinavian style autumn soup, with choice of meat, fennel, fresh grated horseradish simmered in a light court bouillon

Open-Faced Gravlax Sandwich

Scandinavian style cured salmon served on brioche with with mustard dill sauce

Open-Faced Shrimp Sandwich

Cold water shrimp and hard boiled eggs  served on brioche with creamed smoked caviar mayonnaise

Open-Faced Roast Beef Sandwich

Thin sliced roast beef served on brioche with pickled cucumbers, fresh grated horseradish and crispy fried shallots

Open-Faced Meatball Sandwich

Swedish meatballs together with a creamy oven roasted beet salad served on brioche

Open-Faced Landgång or Smörgåstårta

Both served with choice of filling and/or topping (prices very)

Crêpes à la Prins Bertil

Prepared with Swedish pancakes filled with cold water shrimp, Hollandaise, dill, topped with cheese, sweet butter and finished in the oven


Stekt Salt Sill med Löksås

Old world classic with rinsed breaded salt herring, served with onion gravy


Classic herring casserole braised in mustard and dill infused cream sauce


Classic herring casserole braised in a tarragon infused cream sauce

Torsk med Äggsås

Loin cuts of cod prepared a la sous vid, finished with shrimp and eggs

Whole Trout

Served whole lightly stuffed, served with mushrooms and pan gravy


Doubled breaded European plaice sauteed in leek oil accompanied by sauce remoulade and lemon wedge

Fiskgratäng Med Räksås

Classic Swedish style fish casserole with shellfish sauce

Gratinerad Skaldjur

Mixed shell fish and pommes duchess baked in a crab shell draped in shellfish sauce

Gratinerad Hummer

Chucks of lobster and wild forest mushroom baked in the shell draped in sauce Hollandaise




Grilled ribeye steak finished in the oven with pommes duchess and heirloom tomato. Accompanied by asparagus and sauce Bearnaise


Lightly breaded veal mousseline sauteed in clarified butter, served with pommes puree and spring peas

Biff Speciell

Small cuts of sauteed filet of beef tenderloin and capers finished in whipped eggs infused with Swedish style mustard

Biff Rydberg

Sauteed filet of beef tenderloin, onions and potatoes served with coddled egg and demi glace (optional)

Filet Mignon Black and White

Filet of beef finished in a black truffle sauce along side filet of veal finished in sauce Bearnaise accompanied by pommes Parisienne


Prime rib braised in demi glace infused with anchovies and all spice, served in pan sauce finished with black currents and heavy cream

Filet Provençal

Whole filet of beef tenderloin roast mounted in garlic herb butter, served on a bed of oven roasted potatoes and tomatoes Provençal



Swedish style salmon casserole prepared with gravlax, potatoes and dill baked in an egg custard royal and presented with herb butter

Fisk Bullar i Vitvin eller Hummersås

Swedish style fish quenelles served in a choice of white wine or lobster sauce


Swedish style hash prepared with anything from meatballs to prime cuts of steak served with or without sauce, fried egg and beets

Pannbiff med Lök

Pan fried Swedish style beef patty finished in onion gravy

Biff à la Lindström

Pan fried beef patty infused with beets and capers served with herb butter


Swedish style stuffed cabbage served with pan gravy and lingonberries


Cabbage pudding or casserole prepared in a beer infused veal broth accompanied by lingonberries

Västerbotten quiche: prepared with Västerbotten cheese, chanterelles and kassler. Served mainly in the late summer accompanied by Swedish style poached craw fish


The Swedish schnitzel prepared with pork sirloin, served with lemon and capers (if desired can also include sauce Bearnaise)

Fläsk med Rotmos

Choice of oven braised pork shoulder or shank served with a very aromatic root vegetable mash

Oxrullader i Gräddsås

Beef roulades braised in either cream gravy or in red wine sauce

Fylld Lövbiff med Sky

Thin slices of top sirloin filled with mustard, egg, onion and capers served with pan sauce


Uppsala stew with parsnips and rutabaga, we offer a choice of either meat or sausage


Hearty Swedish winter style beef stew accented with allspice and carrots

Kokt Kalv Eller Lamm i Dillsås

Sweet and sour style veal or lamb stew infused with dill

JUL-SMÖRGÅSBORD (Tradisional Scandinavian Holiday Fair)

Assorted Herring

Our selection includes: pickled herring, herring in white wine sauce, herring in cream sauce, herring in tomato sauce, herring in mustard sauce, herring in garlic sauce, herring in curry sauce, herring in dill sauce and matjes herring with creme fraiche and chives

Classic Gravlax

classic Scandinavian style cured salmon with dill, served with mustard dill sauce

Pernod Gravlax

loin cuts of salmon cured with pernod and juniper berries

Citrus Gravlax

Loin cuts of salmon prepared with vodka and fresh citrus

Cold Water Shrimp Shell On

Cold water bay shrimp cooked at sea, shell on

Boiled Eggs

served with mayonnaise and smoked creamed roe

Mustard Crusted Holiday Ham (Julskinka)

We offer both whole and half cuts, poached in our in-house court bouillon, finished with Swedish whole grain mustard and bread crumbs


Danish style roast pork loin prepared with crispy ‘crackling’ on top

Oven Roasted Goose

cooked slow but  crispy on the outside, or served on the platter with gooseberry pan sauce

Potato Sausage

Traditional sausage lightly poached and finished a la minute in frying pan with sweet brown butter

Prince Sausage (Prinskorv)

tulip cut mini holiday sausages pan-fried in clarified butter

Back Loin Ribs

Oven baked finished in a light honey ginger glaze


We offer both the classic Swedish style or Danish style frikadeller served in pan gravy or simply on their own with pickled cucumbers, beets and lingonberries

Baby Rose Potatoes

poached in dill infused court bouillon

Janssons Temptation

Janssons Frestelse is a creamy potato casserole with anchovies topped with breadcrumbs and butter

Braised Red Cabbage

Slow cooked and prepared with apples and cloves

Beer Braised Green Cabbage

Lightly browned cabbage and bacon simmered in a beer flavored ham broth

Braised Belgian Endive

Browned endive stewed in poultry broth

Braised Brussels Sprouts

Browned Brussels sprouts stewed in poultry broth

Assorted Cheeses

Including: Västerbotten, Prästost and Grevé

Assorted Breads

Including: Limpa (Swedish Rye), Kavring (when available) and knäckebröd (Swedish style crisp hard bread)

Assorted Accompaniments

Including: butter, preserves and spreads

Ris ala Malta

A traditional Swedish holiday dessert, we also offer Danish style Risalamande


Swedish style saffron bun


Swedish gingerbread cookies

Pebber Noddler

Danish holiday cookie

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